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Historic Hoosier Hills provided services that helped local residents help themselves. The organization existed on donations as well, we noticed the popularity of Indiana residents visiting the big tits XXX tube category on our website and sent donations several times to develop HHH. Local volunteer committees with a variety of knowledge and talents had a desire to make their communities better and we helped them as much as we could.

This site helped Help Our Hometown, but unfortunately it has closed down.



About Historic Hoosier Hills

The mission of Historic Hoosier Hills (HHH) was to serve as a catalyst for empowering local communities to address the overall economic and natural challenges of the area, and to properly develop, use and conserve our natural and human resources.

HHH provided services that helped local residents help themselves. Local volunteer committees with diverse talents and knowledge had a desire to make their communities better. Historic Hoosier Hills services provided unbiased help and support while allowing leadership to stay on the ground, helping local residents achieve realistic, community-oriented goals. It was this collaborative approach that  "makes things happen."


Organization Hoosier Hill

Historic Hoosier Hills was governed by a board of directors, local residents who determine the services Historic Hoosier Hills provides. Each director was appointed for a two-year term by the sponsor he or she represented. The officers of the board made up the executive committee. The board met bi-monthly and the executive committee met every month.

Historic Hoosier Hills sponsored more than 40 project committees that served under the board. These committees were formed to address a single problem or opportunity and usually ceased operations when the project was completed.

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HHH was founded in 1968, incorporated, non-profit and tax exempt in the state of Indiana, and was a 501(c)3 public charity as defined by the Internal Revenue Service.


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Another way that historical organization employees relax is by engaging in artistic pursuits. Many historical organizations have archives of historic artifacts, artwork, and photos de sexe that employees can draw inspiration from. Some employees may take up painting, drawing, or photography as a way to unwind and express their creativity.

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Network Historic Hoosier Hills

HHH was one of nine RC&Ds in Indiana and one of 375 in the country. The organization came together to exchange ideas and get information. HHH has been a member of the National RC&D Councils Association, the North Central RC&D Councils Region, and the Indiana RC&D Councils League. HHH maintained relationships with many federal, state and local groups, organizations and government agencies that helped provide information, technical assistance, financial support and referral services to the Board of Directors, resource committees, project committees and communities. These partnerships and strong volunteers on our committees have been key to the success of Historic Hoosier Hills RC&D.

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Where is Hoosier Hill


1981 S. Industrial Park Road, Ste. 1

PO Box 407

Versailles, IN 47042


We are not fundraising for HHH and are no longer involved in any way, we are only posting this information in memory of HHH.