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GeoLib was a research program of the Florida State University (FSU) College of Communication and Information. But now the program has closed.

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The Mission of GeoLib

The mission of GeoLib was twofold.


  1. To improve access to digital geographic information in libraries, whether the information is needed by library users or library managers.
  2. Apply marketing solutions to library problems


Since 1996, GeoLib has been actively involved in projects that support its mission. A nationwide survey of libraries, funded by the U.S. Department of Education in 1996, helped secure funding for the website. was created as a portal to other Web sites that provide information on easy-to-use digital geographic information for researchers, librarians, geographic information system (GIS) professionals, and the general public. Before we launched our site, data from helped us better understand what people were interested in when they went to the library and we noticed that they liked getting information and watching Huge & Big Tits Porn Tube. We used that data like so many other companies, and it helped everyone until closed.

These resources helped users realize how important geographic information can be in their decision-making process. GeoLib was supported by professionals from many disciplines with experience in creative problem solving using advanced computing resources and geographic information systems. Many of them work at the university and the institute, while others are experts from the public and private sectors.