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SM Logo was a great website where you could order yourself:

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Cartoon Characters

You could ask to draw a character for your game, website or mobile app. Make your product exciting, personalized and fun for users!

How cartoons are drawn

Cartoon drawing is a process of creating hand-drawn or digital illustrations that depict characters, scenes, and stories in a simplified, often humorous style. Cartoonists use various techniques and tools to create cartoons, including pencils, pens, inks, paint, and digital software.
Drawing cartoons is a highly skilled art form that requires practice and experience. Cartoonists may specialize in a particular style or genre of cartooning, such as political cartoons, sexfotos cartoons, comic strips, or animation.

sm cartoon characters


If you have a sense of humor, you could create an avatar for your social media. They guaranteed that your image would be unique and interesting. In addition, the avatar could be a special gift for your significant other, and why not for your pet. We ordered avatars from them for the personal pages of our porn actresses for the huge boobs porn site and were very pleased.

SM Avatars


You could share your idea with them and sm-artists would create custom stickers that would be perfect for your purpose. You could use them in your mobile app, on your website, or as part of your branding strategy.

SM Stickers


You wanted a quick sketch of your idea! That was one of sm-artists' services! They could bring your character to life as a custom piece. Then you could develop it as a final product or service.

SM sketches and ideas


You could create a caricature for your friend or for yourself. Express yourself in an inspiring way through fine art. If you are in business, this is a unique way to advertise yourself in an entertaining way.

SM caricature


You could create a custom icon package for your website to match your business and corporate identity. For example, they developed a design that helped select the logo for the PrettyPorn movies website.

SM Icons

After the closure of we decided to save some of their work for you to see examples of their beautiful drawings too, art should live forever and we were very sorry that such a good company with artists professionals stopped their work. All the works we showed you are unique and belong to